Fostering interdisciplinary cooperation through the research and applications of aerospace technologies for future technologies

We're a group of students at UC Santa Barbara dedicated to exploring
cutting edge space technologies. We're working on numerous projects including
high altitude balloon, drone, and rocket technologies as well as educational outreach.

Project: High Altitude Balloon

The High Altitude Balloon Project features a 1200g balloon rising to a height of 100,000 feet carrying a payload of a 2 lb rocket. This project, with the support of Lubin Research Group, will push the boundaries of low-powered rocketry and teach students about electronics, avionics, and the basics of rocket construction.

Project: High Powered Rocket

Our mission to construct and potentially re-engineer a series of high powered rockets entails an efficient mass-to-propellant ratio, light and cheap 3d-printed body material, ARC-built rocket engines, and liquid-fueled propulsion. Our initial goal was solely to launch a rocket to space. While that mission still lives on, we now have plans to compete in high-powered rocketry competitions, launch payload for K-12 and undergraduate/graduate research groups(compact satellites), and to learn more about the ever-evolving science that goes behind rocket construction.

Project: Autonomous Drone

The years to come hold an exciting future for artificial and autonomous intelligence. We have seen in years past drones quickly becoming cheaper, better, and more commonplace. Autonomous drones will begin to play a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives as they continue to follow this trend and we aim to play a part in the evolution of drone technology by constructing and engineering our own intelligent drones.

Executive Board

Bios of our executive board members

  • Leif Hellgren - Founder & President

    Major: Physics

    I founded ARC with the initial intention of launching a series of high powered rockets with the long-term goal of getting one into space. Upon recruiting some of my best friends to embark on this mission with me, we broadened our horizons and reshaped the club to tackle the issues we found most pressing in the field of astronautics.

  • Christian Larson - Vice President

    Major: Physics

    As Vice President, I am committed to engaging students of all ages to create significant paradigms within space technologies and will carry this passion into a career in astrophysics. When Leif brought the idea for ARC, which was orignally intended to only be a rocket club, I was immediately drawn in. We had a vision of what we could achieve with this club and the lasting impressions it would leave on the campus and everyone involved and I'm excited to turn this vision into reality.

  • Nicky Redmond - Tresurer

    Major: Physics/Economics

    I decided to help grow ARC because I saw the vast potential this club has to offer both to aerospace innovation and to UCSB. I decided to combine my experience in finances and love for astronomy and become the club treasurer to make our dreams financially viable. While I also head the drone division of the club, my main goal for this club is to make us financially stable and able to pursue our goals without any restrictions.

  • Adam Barr-Neuwirth - VP Technology

    Major: Computer Engineering

    I'm excited to help ARC achieve their goals by supporting the organization through technology. I'm bringing my programming and web design background to ARC in order to help achieve our mission of space exploration.

  • Sassan Hashemi - Chief Technology Officer

    Major: Computer Science

    I decided to join ARC because I saw the potential the club had to improve aerospace technologies. I saw a lot of room for growth in the industry and realized that this organization is a great way to contribute to that field while doing something I personally find fascinating.

  • Ryan Marczak - Social Media & Life Sciences

    Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    I am excited to apply my interest biological sciences in research and biofuel processes. Additionally, I am excited to incorporate my passion for photography to help make a brand and capture all of the exciting moments that are to come from ARC.

Aerospace Research Co-Op

Are you a UCSB student? Join our organization and be a part of cutting edge space and aeronautical exploration!